RN to BSN Programs in North Dakota

If you’re a Registered Nurse (RN) in North Dakota, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a wise career move. Not only are RN to BSN programs designed to be both time-efficient and cost-effective, but they also align perfectly with the fast-growing demand for nursing professionals in the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing field is projected to be one of the fastest-growing careers in North Dakota. With these programs, you can enhance your skill set, knowledge, and expertise in a relatively short time frame, enabling you to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare sector.

In North Dakota, employers show a clear preference for nurses with a BSN degree, recognizing the comprehensive training and advanced skills these programs impart. This preference is reflected in the pursuit of Magnet status by hospitals, a recognition that signifies nursing excellence and requires a higher percentage of BSN-educated nurses. As a BSN nurse, you’ll not only enjoy greater job security and preference from employers, but also a higher salary compared to your ADN counterparts. In fact, the average salary for RNs in North Dakota is about $71,200 per year. Moreover, BSN nurses have access to a wider array of opportunities, including roles in management, education, specialized nursing fields, and clinical research. Currently, North Dakota employs 11,810 RNs, but with a projected need for 11,460 new RNs by 2030, or approximately 700 new nurses per year, the opportunities for BSN-prepared nurses are set to expand significantly.

What Are the Best RN to BSN Programs in 2024 According to an RN Researcher?

#1 in North Dakota

University of Mary

Division of Nursing

  • Pin1
    7500 University Dr, Bismarck, ND - 58504
  • Tel1
    (701) 255-7500
  • Programs: Family Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nursing
  • Award Levels: Bachelor, BSN to DNP, LPN to BSN, MSN, MSN to DNP, RN to BSN, RN to MSN
Nurse Admin: Billie J. Madler, DNR APRN, FNP-BC-FAANP
Title: Associate Dean of Nursing

University Information

  • Faculty Total Faculty: 162
  • Tuition In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $1,014
  • Book Book and Supplies: N/A
  • Receiving Aid Percent Received Aid: 100%
  • Scholarship Average Grant or Scholarship: $10,598
  • Admitted Percent Admitted: 72%
  • Enrolled Percent Admitted who Enrolled: 44%
  • Graduation Rate Graduation Rate: 59%

Highlights for RN to BSN Students

  • Online Convenience: Finish your courses online to accommodate your demanding nursing schedule.
  • Advanced Career Opportunities: Leadership positions and specialty nursing professions are accessible to individuals with a BSN.
  • Greater Earning Potential: In the nursing field, a BSN degree frequently translates into higher pay.
  • All-encompassing Education: Foster the communication and critical thinking abilities necessary for providing front-line care.
  • Practical Experience: Acquire useful skills in a variety of clinical settings, such as outpatient clinics and hospitals.
  • Financial Assistance: Take advantage of sizeable scholarships and grants to lessen the cost of continuing your education.
  • Accredited Program: Benefit from a program recognized by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, ensuring quality and credibility.

About the University of Mary's Nursing School

Do you wish to progress in your career as a nurse? The University of Mary is a private Benedictine university located in North Dakota that was established in 1959 and offers a highly respected nursing degree. The university prepares you for a successful career in one of the most dependable businesses. It is well-known for its commitment to healthcare education.

At the University of Mary, you will acquire important abilities including critical thinking and effective communication. These skills necessary to succeed in a BSN role and provide top-notch treatment in an interdisciplinary medical team. You will study theory and gain practical experience in a range of settings, including acute care and hospitals, to ensure you're ready for difficulties in the real world.

Financial constraints shouldn't be a barrier to your education. In appreciation of this, the University of Mary offers considerable financial support. The university provides many financial aid initiatives, including as a senior year that is tuition-free and scholarships like the Sanford Health Directors Award.

Its student-to-faculty ratio of 11:1 makes you stand out from the competition. You'll form close relationships with instructors who genuinely care about your success. The university is known for its academic excellence around the country, which speaks to the faculty's commitment to student success and variety of professional backgrounds. You can receive a major classroom-based nursing education along with a faculty-led tour program and a complete study abroad program.

About the University of Mary's RN to BSN Program

The online RN to BSN program at the University of Mary is ideal for registered nurses who want to advance in their careers. It's a chance to keep up with the constantly changing nursing sector and set yourself up for more senior positions.

The key components of this program are flexibility and convenience. Imagine continuing your studies and balancing your personal and professional lives at the same time. It's possible to transfer credits already earned, so earning your BSN may happen sooner than you think. The curriculum can be finished in as little as a year because of how well-structured it is.

For whom is this program intended? It's intended for nurses who, like you, are keen to expand their professional options and skill set. This program is your starting point whether you wish to fulfill the growing educational requirements of employers or want to become a nurse practitioner. Following graduation, there are many other employment options, such as public health nurse, nurse manager, and health educator.

The curriculum of the program is extensive and covers a wide range of topics, including integrating informatics in patient care and developing healing environments. Along with a degree, you'll receive a skill set upon graduation that will enable you to assume leadership roles and deliver exceptional care. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education has accredited the University of Mary's RN to BSN program, signifying its high caliber and excellence in nursing education. The school maintains rigorous academic standards, guaranteeing that you're among the best-prepared nurses in the field, with a GPA requirement of 2.75 or higher.

#2 in North Dakota

University of North Dakota

College of Nursing and Professional Disciplines

  • Pin1
    264 Centennial Drive, Stop 8193, Grand Forks, ND - 58202-8193
  • Tel1
    (800) 225-5863
  • Programs: Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nursing
  • Award Levels: Accelerated BSN, Bachelor, Doctor of Nursing, LPN to BSN, MSN, MSN to DNP, Post Master's NP Certificate, RN to BSN
Nurse Admin: Maridee Shogrem, DNP, CNMI CLC
Title: Dean

University Information

  • Faculty Total Faculty: 717
  • Tuition In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $10,596
  • Book Book and Supplies: $800
  • Receiving Aid Percent Received Aid: 95%
  • Scholarship Average Grant or Scholarship: $6,133
  • Admitted Percent Admitted: 87%
  • Enrolled Percent Admitted who Enrolled: 33%
  • Graduation Rate Graduation Rate: 61%

Highlights for RN to BSN Students

  • Online Flexibility: Tailor your studies to your schedule with our completely online courses, perfect for you, the busy working professional.
  • Career Advancement: By upgrading to a BSN, you're not just learning more, you're opening doors to higher positions and specialized nursing fields.
  • Enhanced Knowledge: Dive deeper into nursing practices and theories, expanding what you already know as an RN.
  • Networking Opportunities: Meet and connect with a diverse group of healthcare professionals, enriching your learning journey.
  • Holistic Approach: Learn comprehensive patient care that addresses physical, emotional, and social needs.
  • Financial Support: Don't let finances hold you back; take advantage of various scholarships and financial aid options available to you.

About the University of North Dakota's Nursing School

Pursuing an RN to BSN at the University of North Dakota means more than just a degree upgrade; it's about expanding your career possibilities. The University of North Dakota, established in 1883 and the only one in the state offering law and medical education, emphasizes a commitment to quality education, especially in nursing and health-related fields.

Celebrating a century of caregiving, the College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines (CNPD) at UND has forged a strong reputation in nursing, medicine, health sciences, and social services. The university's strategic plan, aimed at sustaining excellence in the dynamic healthcare landscape, makes UND a leader in interprofessional education. For you, an RN aspiring to a BSN, this translates to a learning environment that's collaborative, connected, and focused on rural health. The CNPD not only encourages interaction among students and faculty but also ensures the program's effectiveness through systematic assessment processes.

The Clinical Resource & Simulation Center at UND provides simulated learning experiences, using state-of-the-art technology to mimic real-life medical scenarios. This hands-on approach prepares you for real-world challenges, enhancing your skills and confidence.

Moreover, UND offers over 975 scholarships, many tailored for future nurses. Considering the financial aid options and the higher earning potential post-graduation, UND stands out as a smart choice for your nursing education advancement.

About the University of North Dakota's RN to BSN Program

As a nurse, expanding your knowledge and skills through the University of North Dakota's RN to BSN program is a smart move for your career. This program, offered entirely online, allows you to balance your professional and personal life while pursuing your degree. You'll be learning alongside fellow RNs, all striving for their BSN, in a flexible environment that understands the demands of your job. The program not only builds upon your existing RN knowledge but also equips you to provide comprehensive care across all stages of human development.

Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the RN to BSN program at UND guarantees high-quality education. Whether you choose to attend full-time or part-time, you'll find that the program's flexibility caters to your unique needs.  In terms of finances, UND provides one of the best values in the country. The combined tuition, fees, and room/meal plans are about $3,000 less per year than the national average for four-year doctoral universities. Plus, with 74% of undergrad students receiving financial aid, averaging $13,000 annually, the financial burden is significantly eased.

Moreover, UND graduates reportedly earn $11,000 more per year than graduates from other 4-year schools a decade after starting college. So, embarking on this RN to BSN journey at UND is not just an educational investment, but a financial one too, leading to a more prosperous career in nursing. Discover more about this opportunity at the University of North Dakota's RN to BSN program.

#3 in North Dakota

North Dakota State University (Combined NDSU Fargo campus and NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health Bismarck)

School of Nursing

  • Pin1
    1301 12th Avenue North, Fargo, ND - 58108-6050
  • Tel1
    (701) 231-8011
  • Programs: Family Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nursing
  • Award Levels: Bachelor, BSN to DNP, LPN to BSN, MSN to DNP, RN to BSN
Nurse Admin: Carla Gross, PhD, RN
Title: Associate Dean

University Information

  • Faculty Total Faculty: 865
  • Tuition In-State Undergraduate Tuition: $10,601
  • Book Book and Supplies: $800
  • Receiving Aid Percent Received Aid: 95%
  • Scholarship Average Grant or Scholarship: $5,614
  • Admitted Percent Admitted: 94%
  • Enrolled Percent Admitted who Enrolled: 31%
  • Graduation Rate Graduation Rate: 62%

Highlights for RN to BSN Students

  • Online Convenience: Benefit from the flexibility of completely online courses. You are a practicing nurse with a busy schedule, so this will fit right in.
  • Career Growth: In addition to offering a degree, a BSN opens doors to more responsibility and a range of nursing specializations.
  • Advanced Skills: Expand your knowledge of nursing concepts and procedures to improve your professional abilities.
  • Possibilities to Form Networks: Make contacts with other healthcare professionals to grow your professional network.
  • Dependability: Participate in a program accredited by CCNE. Its quality is assured by this accreditation.
  • Flexible Learning Pace: Whether you are a full-time or part-time student, the program is customized to your unique speed.

About North Dakota State University's Nursing School

The RN to BSN program at North Dakota State University is a great first step if you're thinking about progressing in your nursing profession. NDSU is distinguished as an R1 research university by its strong emphasis on research and student-focused approach. This recognition demonstrates the university's dedication to generating well-rounded graduates with significant research and real-world experience.

Impactful and fulfilling nursing jobs are highly valued at NDSU's School of Nursing, which has earned accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. Here, you're not just picking up skills; you're getting ready to change patients' lives, families' lives, and communities for the better. The goal of the school is to produce dynamic nurse leaders who can enhance health outcomes, particularly for communities who are underprivileged, rural, and diverse.

The nursing program at NDSU offers a superb balance between professional development and academic depth. Its goal is to turn out professional nurses who are prepared to assume leadership positions in the healthcare industry in addition to being well educated. The cutting-edge Nursing Simulation Lab makes sure you're ready for problems in the real world by offering realistic patient care scenarios, which further improves your learning experience.

NDSU's School of Nursing has flexible program options that accommodate both full-time and part-time students, making it an ideal choice for working professionals and those looking for online educational possibilities. With this flexibility, you can continue your study without having to put your career on hold.

About North Dakota State University's RN to BSN Program

The RN to BSN program at North Dakota State University is created with your professional development in mind. This program, which is entirely online, acknowledges the excellent education and experience you have already acquired as a registered nurse. It is designed to help you get a deeper comprehension of contemporary nursing concerns and trends, which will change the way you approach challenging healthcare situations.

NDSU's RN to BSN program offers unparalleled flexibility with courses provided in eight-week blocks, making it convenient for nurses working either full- or part-time. Improving your nursing practice is the program's main objective. You'll become an accomplished healthcare leader who understands evidence-based practice and is capable of driving improvements in patient care.

NDSU’s School of Nursing has a long-standing history of nurturing successful nurses. The program's curriculum is thoughtfully designed to expand on the knowledge you gained from your associate's or diploma program in registered nurse. It emphasizes quality, safety, evidence-based practice, leadership, and the contemporary healthcare environment.

Also, the curriculum recognizes that the majority of students are juggling work with obligations to their families and personal lives. In order to ensure that your education doesn't interfere with your other responsibilities, the courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule.

The RN to BSN program at NDSU satisfies the highest requirements of nursing education and has been accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). This credential is very important, particularly if you intend to continue your study.

You're not simply getting a degree when you finish your BSN at NDSU; you're also changing the way you think about nursing and getting ready for the challenges of the modern healthcare system.

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