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Welcome to RN About Us is your guide to finding the best RN Career information. Our nursing experts help with everything you need to know from best-ranked RN programs to financial aid options, accelerated and online degree options, and how to improve your nursing school application.

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We’re nurses and education specialists. We are here to help nurses anyone pursue a career in nursing. We supply access to tools and resources needed to make informed decisions about nursing careers. With the talents of nursing writers and researchers and our expert data team, we bring you the most comprehensive information on nursing careers.

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At, our goal is simply to engage and inform registered nurses by providing well-written, in-depth information, resources, and data for those interested in pursuing a degree in healthcare and nursing. To make that goal a reality, our writers are nurses, our data is from the most reliable sources. We offer the best nursing career options.


What Does a Registered Nurse (RN) Do?

Registered nurses (RN’s) assist physicians by carrying out treatment that is recommended to patients who are suffering from a number of health conditions. RN’s may administer medication, administer blood and blood products, perform patient assessments, monitor the progress and recovery of a patient, educate both patients and their families on prevention of disease and any post-hospital care, and more!

The RN scope of practice is strict and encompasses a variety of tasks requiring different skill sets that each individual should be capable of performing at some point in their career. RN’s may be pulled in many different directions at any given time with various tasks on their minds that need to be completed. This means that RN’s must always be prepared to critically think and prioritize care at all times for the best interests of each and every patient they come into contact with.

Two different work environments with big commonalities are hospitals and private clinics.

How Do I Find the Best RN Program for Me?

You may discover that finding the right program for you may be tricky; overall, each program will have its own advantages and disadvantages. With whatever program you choose, be prepared to miss time spent with family, friends and other important events. This is because dedicating yourself to a nursing program involves long hours of studying, early mornings, late nights, and setting aside numerous hours to fulfill all the requirements of your course assignments and clinical hours. Here are some things you may want to consider when deciding which program proves to mesh the best with your lifestyle:

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