How to Pay for Nursing School

What is the Cost of RN-BSN Programs

When you are considering how to pay for nursing school, be sure to check all of your options, even ones that may not seem obvious. Here we list some common and not so common ways for you to pay for nursing school.

The cost of RN-BSN programs can vary from school to school. Most of the classes typically cost according to their credit hours. If a school charges $300.00 per credit and most class are either 3 or 4 credits, then each class will cost between $900.00 and $1,200.00 dollars. The school may also have an additional fee when applying to the school such as an application fee. There may also be other fees associated with the school for other school related activities or resources. When searching for schools to determine the cost research and ask about any additional cost associated with the application process or other fees. To get an accurate estimation of the total cost of the program you should calculate the total cost of the program, including any fees, books, parking fees, computer hardware and software, which you may need to purchase.

Transfer All Class Credits Earned Over the Years

Most schools will accept a certain amount of college credits that will be accepted as transfer credits and applied toward the program. There may be certain criteria that need to be met, such as a specific grade received or specific class taken within a certain period of time. It is worth thinking about all classes you may have taken over the years and request the transcript to be sent. This may save you in the end several hundreds of dollars and time. For each class that is transferred and accepted is one less class you will need to pay for and take. Even if you do not think that a class will transfer it is worth researching. In some cases classes taken as an elective or for a different degree can transfer in as an elective. Additionally, some schools will accept close transfers, so if a school requires a class in world culture as a requirement and you took a class the meets the requirement of world culture, then that can transfer in. Additionally, some nurses have taken advance credentialing for specific nursing skills at a college, as long as you receive college credit for the course then there should credits earned that could be transferred in. It is helpful to think about all college classes and request transcripts and set up a meeting with the school academic adviser to see what credits can and cannot be transferred into the program.

How to Pay for Nursing School with Scholarships

One great way to help with the cost of school is applying for scholarships. Scholarships are monies which are awarded to students and most often do not require any commitment or repayment of the funds back. In some cases, scholarships can be competitive, so it is important to read all the requirements of the scholarship and make sure that you follow the instructions and include any required documents and recommendations. There are many different scholarships available, check with your professional nursing organization, nursing union, local community scholarships, and employer if they have scholarships available.

Scholarship Resources

Repayment of RN or BSN Loans

Another option to consider is applying for a repayment loan. A repayment loan is a program in which money is given to the student or the school to help pay for the education and in return the students may have to work for a certain amount of years in a certain location. One popular repayment loan is the HRSA Health Resources and Services Administration Nurse Corps Scholarship program. This federal program awards money to students in return for services of employment in hospitals or communities where there are nursing shortages or underserved populations. Typically, more money is awarded when you agree to work more years of service. Many hospitals may also have their own repayment loan. Checking with your local hospitals and if they do have a repayment loan find out the specific details, you may be required to work for that particular hospital for a set period of time.

How to Pay for Nursing School with Tuition Reimbursement

Work tuition reimbursements are programs developed by employers to help their employee pay for school. The employer determines the amount of funding available. Each employee will have specific criteria that need to be met to be eligible for tuition reimbursement. Funding amount may depend on your employment status, such as part-time or full-time. You may be required to obtain a certain grade to be eligible for reimbursement and maintain your employment with the hospital for a set period of time.

FAFSA Overview for BSN Programs

​FASA stand for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There are different types of federal financial aid such as grants and loans which you may be eligible for. Your FAFSA will determine which types of federal financial aid may be available to you so it is important to complete your FAFSA. The FAFSA may be filed online at

​FAFSA and Student Aid Deadlines for BSN Students

Each state has its own deadline date for completing the FAFSA. You can check the deadlines at: It is important to check your states deadline date and make sure that you fill out the application before that date. Applications filed after the deadline date may not be processed and then you may not be eligible for federal grants and loans. If you have questions about the form you can also check with your school’s financial aid officer and they often can help answer questions.

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