Being a nurse can be hard on your mental health. Burnout, anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue, and even secondary trauma are becoming more and more common among all healthcare workers. With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health for healthcare workers has only worsened as they grow angry, exhausted, and burnt out.

According to research, reported cases of anxiety and depression in healthcare workers was as high as 35%, but those who exhibited symptoms of both were as high as 80%! With the stigma that still follows mental health struggles, the number of healthcare providers struggling with them is likely much closer to that 80% statistic.

With these high levels of mental health disorders in healthcare workers and no end in sight of this pandemic any time soon, what can we do about it to protect ourselves and our colleagues? In this section you’ll find blogs full of tips and ways to improve and maintain your mental health so that you can love your job as a nurse again.

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