Working as a nurse usually means you end up working weekends and different days every week, with no routine. So the “Sunday Scaries” can really hit you any time of the week, even multiple times a week before every shift and on every day off! 

Here are a few ways to combat these feelings before you go to work, whether it’s Sunday or not. 

1. Do the worst chores early

  1. Don’t wait until your last day off to go to the grocery store or clean your house or whatever chore you hate doing. Do these on your first day off! Even if you only have two days off, doing these chores will make that day before work a lot less stressful or anxiety inducing 

2. Dedicate the day before you work to nothing but relaxing activities

  1. Nothing that is stressful at all. 

3. Treat yourself

  1. On your “Sunday” and your “Monday” (no matter what day these actually are). For your “Sunday,” make sure to treat yourself. For example, give yourself a little spa day, go somewhere you love, or make your favorite dinner! Make it something to look forward to and that can help you stay relaxed throughout the day. For your “Monday,” make sure to have something to look forward to! Make your favorite breakfast, schedule a coffee date with a friend or coworker during your lunch breaks, or go to your favorite yoga class after work! Making “Sunday” relaxing and enjoyable will help you avoid those Sunday Scaries, while making your “Monday” something to look forward to instead of dread! 

Try these simple strategies before your next group of shifts and see if those stubborn Sunday Scaries dissipate a little!

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