Magnet Status is a program developed by the American Nurses Association (ANA) and is internationally recognized as a hallmark nursing healthcare model. The American Nurses Credentialing Center, which is part of the ANA, has developed specific measurements of nursing quality which hospital have to meet to become certified and recognized as a Magnet status.

Some the qualities a magnet hospital has relates to nursing such as better patient health outcomes and overall better communication between nurses, patients and other health care providers. Hospitals that have Magnet status have shown to have lower mortality and morbidity rates, and fewer patient falls. All these qualities, then lead to higher job satisfaction and less turnover.

One of the core values of Magnet status is the commitment to nurses who work in the hospital. Magnet hospital have a higher percentage of BSN nurses. For now, hospitals can opt to apply and partake in the journey of Magnet status.

To date healthcare reimbursements are not affected by a hospital Magnet status. However, if hospitals will be reimbursed differently depending on Magnet status, then you can expect a trend in hospitals requiring nurses to obtain their BSN.

Nursing Positions Requiring a BSN Degree for Nursing

Nowadays, many employers recognize the need and importance of nurses having a BSN degree and will set limits on who they will hire. Some hospitals have started implementing strict criteria. Some hospitals have gone as far as warning all diploma and ADN nurses to obtain their BSN within a certain time frame or risk losing their positions.

Nurses today work in a dynamic healthcare system, diversity of patient populations and complex healthcare needs of patients requiring critical, evidence based decisions and care. Hospitals are recognizing the necessity of BSN nurses not only to enhance the quality of healthcare but also as instrumental in other essential roles nurse have in leadership, research and education which is fundamental to improving healthcare delivery and outcomes.