Some nurses wanting to earn a BSN degree have been out of school for the past 20 or 30 years. The academic environment has changed over the years. For some nurses, this can be a very nerve wracking process. One of the biggest challenges nurses may face is using a computer which is essential for success in many RN to BSN programs.

Most colleges and universities have computer requirements that can be a challenge or even terrifying for some nurses who lack these skills. Trying to navigate a computer system at the same time as preparing for class can take away from the learning experience. If you lack computer skills, it will be in your best interest to prepare ahead of time.

One great method in preparing and building confidence in your computer skills is to find out what computer program the school uses and ask your adviser if there is a computer introduction class course that you can take at the school. Many colleges and universities have libraries which have instructional courses in-person or online which can be a great resource during your academic program. Developing your computer skills ahead of time will allow you to focus more on your studies when you are taking a class.

RN to BSN Student Example

A local hospital implemented a policy requiring all registered nurses to obtain their BSN within five years or they would be terminated. Blanch who is an expert charge nurse at the age of 59 and a diploma graduate was affected by this policy. Despite her 30+ years of service to the hospital there was no exception or grandfather clause for herself or any nurse. Not knowing if she could retire in 5 years, her only option was to go back to school or risk losing her current job which she had dedicated her career to and most likely end up working in a nursing home until retirement.

One of her biggest learning curve was developing technology and computer skills. She lived a life as a minimalist, did not own a cell phone, nor cable and did not know the first thing about getting an email address. After multiple meetings and encouragement with her adviser, she bought her first computer, took some basic computer courses at her local library, got herself an email address and, successfully enrolled in her first RN to BSN class where she is succeeding and a role model for other veteran nurses.