These is an annual nursing scholarships recognize outstanding students currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program. The recipient demonstrates dedication to nursing’s evolving role in the healthcare system, the drive to make nursing a lifelong career and a commitment to outstanding patient care., offered every year. Please check back each year for updated submission and criteria updates.

Albert Einstein once said that, “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” And we at, we understand that education comes with a cost. To help with the rising cost of education, we are now offering the Education Scholarship to students across the nation.

But as education becomes more and more important to a person’s success, so has the cost of achieving that education. In fact, 71 percent of recent college graduates have an average of $29,400 in student loans taken out. This number increases by 6 percent every year, making it a serious roadblock to success.

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