RN Interview

NAME: Lynda Trafton
LOCATION: San Antonio, TX
SCHOOL: BA Lakeland College, AADN University of Alaska Anchorage
POSITION: RN – Supervisor

  • 31 years of healthcare experience including Emergency, Oncology, Pedi ED, L&D and Tele-Health
  • 20 years experience in Tele-health with both large Managed Care and Privately Qwned organizations
  • Experience ranging from Staff RN, to Clinical Trainer, Clinical Supervisor, Department Head and Vice President of Clinical Operations
  • Demonstrated talent to implement effective hiring, training, and retaining procedures for RN Staff
  • Expertise in Start Up projects that require infrastructure development with RN recruitment for growth
  • Early adopter of building a large remote work force using RN’s licensed in Compact States

How did you start your nursing career? CNA, LPN, RN? 

As an RN.

I understand you have another degree – what made you decide to go into nursing?

I always thought I wanted to be a nurse and I took the long way! Science always intrigued me. Pair that with A&P classes in HS and a stint as a Candy Stripper and I just knew the hospital environment was going to be an exciting place for me to be.

Where did you earn your RN?

University of Alaska Anchorage. It was great – we had clinicals in a Native American hospital, a large Catholic hospital, the State Psych hospital and back then, Humana owned for-profit hospitals and Anchorage had one of those too!

Tell me about your RN career – what areas of nursing have you practiced?

Oncology, Float, ED, L&D and telephonic nursing. ED and telephonic management positions.

Tell me about your current nursing job…

I am a Supervisor for a large insurance company in the Workers Compensation division. I have a variety of direct reports. I have RN’s, the Client Services Team and I am currently involved with building a team of non-clinical Care Coordinators to be teamed up with the RN’s. It is largely a work at home position.

Tell me about your favorite nursing job…

I have to say the ED. I was a dang good ED RN. I loved the treat and street. The adrenaline. The blood and guts. And the autonomy the MD’s gave me to get things started.

What are your career goals?

Ha! Right now I’d say survive a few more years and retire!

What advice would you give LPN / LVNs wanting to become an RN?

I’d say do it. Nursing has been SO good to me! There is a multitude of things you can do as an RN now. Nursing remains an in demand profession and offers a nice wage too.

What tips do you have for LPNs while earning their RN?

Pay attention to the learning of the pathophysiology of each body system. This will get you through Boards. Remember to keep a good work/life/school balance so you don’t burn out. Find a best friend in your class so you can lean on and laugh with each other. And never ever let a mean RN on a clinical rotation get to you! Promise yourself you will never be like that RN and will always welcome the chance to mentor students and new RN’s to the most noble profession in the world!